For the “Love” of Kevin Love!

Learning that Kevin Love is going to be on-the-fritz for 4-6 months makes me sad.

It’s not as sad as I was when I learned Derrick Rose tore his ACL (for the first time) back in 2012. I was dumbfounded, shocked, teary-eyed, and upset. I was sad mostly for Derrick, but also because there was going to be no contender for the Miami Heat in the East.

I digress.

Love being out for this long raises many questions for NBA fans, especially those of the Cleveland Cavaliers, like myself.



Seriously Kev, one operating shoulder or not, no one would be upset if you modeled some more in your upcoming free time.

The real #1 being, what does this mean for his future with the Cavs?

In my honest opinion, I’m predicting Kevin Love will stay with the Cavs through next season. Why? It’s simple– he has excellent care here at the Cleveland Clinic, for starters. He’s developed his chemistry (if that’s what we can call it) with the team here already and we’ll know how to throw him right back in the line-up once he’s healthy again. What would be the point of him going somewhere else? And what would I do with my ironic “I (Kevin Love’s facial silhouette) CLE” t-shirt?

#2: How far will the Cavs make it now that Love is out for the rest of the Playoffs and now that J.R. Smith is behaving like J.R. Smith?

I could possibly be looking through wine and gold-colored glasses, but I still think the Cavs will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. J.R. Smith will return with a vengeance, but when I say vengeance, I mean like, hopefully not in a way where he’s deliberately bitch slapping opponents again. I’m talking the kind of vengeance that involves bunnies and chocolate, maybe even bunnies made out of chocolate. IDK, Earl Joseph, just figure it out.

I’ve also become a hardcore Milwaukee Bucks fan over the last week, so can I really be trusted? #FearTheDeer

How far do you think the Cavs will go in Love’s absence? Do you think Kevin Love really likes wearing a Cleveland Indians hat? Is he aware the Indians suck (understatement) at the moment?



My First Round NBA Playoffs Predictions

I can’t believe that I’m writing about the NBA Playoffs and IT INCLUDES THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS. It’s been a real dark four years for me, needless to say. This past Monday, by pure miracle, my best friend Maria scored tickets to the second last Cavs game of the season– oh, and they were on the floor. I tried to act like I’ve been there before (which, I actually have) but it was too damn hard to contain my childish excitement, a dopey grin creeping across my face every time LeBron shot the ball nearly a foot away from me or when I felt like I could just reach out and touch Kevin Love’s sweaty body (TMI, but incredibly valid).

So. Close. To. Kevin.
So. Close. To. Kevin.
I love this pic I took of Shumpert.
I love this pic I took of Shumpert.

Monday night’s game left me with such hype for the upcoming playoffs. I’m so proud to be a Cleveland Cavaliers’ fan.

But enough with the sappy shit.

It’s time to get down to business. Like LeBron says… “I’m still not satisfied.” There’s going to be some pretty tough competitors out there for us to face before we win the championship. Here are my predictions for the eight teams that will move on to the semifinals (summed up in three words or less):


(8) New Orleans Pelicans vs. (1) Golden State Warriors:  Wardell. Stephen. Curry.

(7) Dallas Mavericks vs. (2) Houston Rockets: Fear. The. Beard.

(6) San Antonio Spurs vs. (3) Los Angeles Clippers: Spuran. Spuran. Leonard.

(5) Memphis Grizzlies vs. (4) Portland Trailblazers: Justin. Timberlake. Birthplace.


(8) Brooklyn Nets vs. (1) Atlanta Hawks: Players. Fight. Police.

(7) Boston Celtics vs. (2) Cleveland Cavaliers: Not. Even. Fair.

(6) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (3) Chicago Bulls: Butlers. And. Roses.

(5) Washington Wizards vs. (4) Toronto Raptors: Drake. On. Degrassi.

Agree/Disagree with any of my picks? Would love to know your thoughts!

Nellster’s Favorite Things Today (Which Could Change Tomorrow)

I’ve had a lot of down time since I completed my graduate program back in December. Anyone who knows me well, knows I hate being bored. I’m always itching to do something; whether it’s being outside (too bad it’s been snowing since, like, yesterday in Cleveland), reading, watching sports, exploring new places in The Land, or forcing myself to peel my eyeballs away from the latest Netflix binge, something has to be happening.

I thought I’d share with you a few of my latest obsessions…because I’m generous like that.

Favorite Netflix Binge: The Fall

Forgive me for being obsessed with Jamie Dornan since Fifty Shades of Grey came out– no actually, don’t forgive me and continue to judge me so I can have him all to myself. However. If you are into suspenseful, serial killer, dominant female leads, and crazy plot twists, this show is for you. Not to mention, the show takes place in Ireland so everyone has a hot accent. Each episode is an hour long, but there are only 6 episodes per season so you will definitely fly through it. Seasons 1 & 2 are on Netflix now, and filming for season 3 begins at the end of this year.

Yes, that's the lady from X-Files.
Yes, that’s the lady from X-Files.

Favorite Book: Paper Towns by John Green

I sort of missed the whole, The Fault in Our Stars craze last summer, movie and book, but I had purchased a couple of John Green’s books a while ago when I heard they were amazing. This past Friday, life got really wild for me and I watched The Fault in Our Stars for the first time and sobbed like the barriers of the Hoover Dam had been busted. I was intrigued, to say the least. I’m not really a see-the-movie-before-I-read-the-book type of gal, but this one inspired me to dig through my John Green mini library the next day. I read Paper Towns in all of 48 hours. I laughed out loud, hung on every last word of the book’s protagonist, Quentin Jacobsen, and obsessed over what being like Margo Roth Spiegelman would really be like. It’s cute and thought-provoking all at once.


Favorite Blog: The Players’ Tribune

Headed up by Derek Jeter last year when he knew he was going to retire, The Players’ Tribune is a blog where athletes (yes, the actual athletes themselves) share stories of the past, present, and what they hope for the future of their sport, or the world of sports in general. It’s not like watching an interview where someone is asking a player asinine questions that don’t mean anything. You’re getting a glimpse into the minds of these men and women, at their best and worst times. Cleveland Indians’ stud-of-the-90’s, Kenny Lofton, writes one of the Tribune’s most recent posts about his career playing basketball. Yeah, I had no idea, either.

Favorite Local Social Media Profile: @BrewnutsCle

Who doesn’t love donuts? Who doesn’t love beer? If you answered “No, Nell. No I don’t like either of those things,” to that question, then stop reading my blog posts immediately from this point forward. I was introduced to Brewnuts when a co-worker of mine brought them in to work (thanks, Jared). Naturally, us savages at Rosenberg Advertising devoured the poor donuts in record time. The damned things didn’t even stand a chance. I loved them. Then I traveled to Tremont a couple more times because I was so intrigued by all the new flavors of beer/donut combos Brewnuts was posting on Instagram. For Easter, they made Carrot Cake donuts with Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Chillwave IPA icing. I MEAN COME ON.